The race explained - in English

The idea: the genuinely amateur Peace Race

The Warszawa – Praha – Berlin is a 1,300km 8-day stage race following the route of the legendary and now defunct Peace Race. Races’ parcours leads from Warsaw through Prague to Berlin – in total competitors will cover approx. 1,300 km divided into eight stages.

Competitors will navigate the route on their own basing on the roadbook provided by the organizers - they will also receive gpx files with suggested route of each stage. Stages will begin with a mass start. In order to get to the finish of the stage competitors will have to ride through checkpoints and upload their position to races’ social media. In addidtion to GC, there will be points and mountian classifications.

No entry fee, no race officials just spirit of fair play and pure love of cycling. Long story short: three countries, two mountain ranges, hills, cobblestones, stadiums and places which witnessed history of the “Grand Tour of the Eastern Block”.

Let's just meet up to ride the classic route of the Peace Race and see who can do it in the shortest time!

The route

The race will begin in Warsaw on Saturday 28th May 2022 and within eight days will take participants from Poland through Czechia to Germany, where on 5th June competition will end in Berlin.

Stage 1.    Warsaw - Piotrków Tryb.     163 km    flat
Stage 2.    Piotrków Tryb. - Chorzów    171 km    hills
Stage 3.    Chorzów - Bruntal           146 km    hills
Stage 4.    Bruntal - Pardubice         167 km    mountains
Stage 5.    Pardubice - Prague          135 km    flat
Stage 6.    Prague - Chemnitz           173 km    mountains
Stage 7.    Chemnitz - Halle            160 km    hills
Stage 8.    Halle - Berlin              181 km    flat

Maps, profiles and tracks of all stages you will find here.

How to get in touch?

Interested? Considering participation? Or maybe you need more information? 
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If you want to stay updated follow the race on Yes, the page is in Polish, but do not hesitate to ask for translation or explanation whenever you need.
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  1. Warszawa - Praha - Berlin is an amateur cycling stage race inspired by the Peace Race. The event will take place on 28th May - 4th June 2022.

  1. The race is self supported, which means that participants have to carry on their own all the necessary equipment - assistance from cars or transport of luggage by third parties is not permitted.

  1. Riding in a peloton and groups is allowed.

  1. Upon registration for the race participants will receive a roadbook containing locations of: neutral start, rolling start, control points and finishing point of each stage. Additionally, participants will receive gpx files with suggested routes of each stage.

  2. The race is a grassroot event. Each entrant participates on his own risk and is obliged to observe traffic regulations.


  1. The route of the race runs from Warsaw through Prague to Berlin, is divided into 8 stages and is approx. 1300 km long.

  2. At each stage, there are: a neutral start, a rolling start, two control points and the finish line.

  3. Entrants are free to plan their own route, which will lead through control points (or they can ride the suggested route from provided gpx files). Control points are located in places which are safely accessible by roads with low traffic.

  4. Suggested route of the race runs on tarmac roads suitable to be ridden on a road bike. Short stretches of cobblestones, paved roads or low quality tarmac may appear on the route.

  5.  Each stage begins with a neutral start and a rolling start. From the neutral start, the group will ride together, and attacks will be prohibited (riding in the 'no-drop' manner). After reaching the rolling start, everyone can ride at their own pace and on their own route. Neutral start will ensure safe departure from the cities (often along bicycle lanes) to ‘cycling-friendly’ areas.Rolling start is located at about 25 km of each stage.

  6. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. extreme weather conditions, crashes etc.) stages may be shortened, neutralized or canceled. Entrants will be informed about such decisions through the ‘race radio’. In case of cancellation or shortening of the stage, entrants are allowed to travel to the next point indicated in the message by means of public transport. Neutralization of the entire stage or its part means that the peloton has to ride the neutralized part as a group without racing - in case of neutralization of the entire stage, the group will be awarded the same time to general classification.


  1. Entrants are responsible for documenting time and passage through control points - they are obliged to post a photograph of their race number with control point or finishing point surroundings visible in the background on the ‘race radio’ (a WhatsApp group).

  2. Time achieved in the general classification will be calculated based on the time of publication of the photograph of the race number in the finishing point on the race radio. In case of arrival of the group to control or finishing point the same time will be awarded to all riders in the group - race numbers can be published on the same photograph, but message on the race radio must include order of arrival in order to award points to either points or mountain classification.

  3. Control and finishing points will not be staffed - entrants must document their arrival on their own.


  1. The race will have three classifications: general (accumulated time), points (points awarded on intermediate sprints and finishes on flat terrain) and mountain (points awarded on categorized climbs).

  2. On each control point and finishing point there will be points awarded to either points or mountain classification.

  3. Scoring:

  • finish of the stage or intermediate sprint: 50 - 49 - 48 - (1 point step) - 1 point

  • 1st category climb: 150 - 147 - 144 - (3 points step) - 3 points

  • 2nd category climb: 100 - 98 - 96 - (2 points step) - 2 points

  • 3rd category climb: 50 - 49 - 48 - (1 point step) - 1 point


  1. The limit of participants is 50 people.

  2. Participation is free.